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Fact Sheet
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  • Developer: Vinterm Games; Based in Wauconda, Illinois

  • Name: Zombies Overloaded

  • Release Date: April 10th 2019

  • DLC Content: free updates (date TBD): additional stages and bosses (date TBD)

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, and PC

  • Website:

  • Price: Mobile - FREE w/ In-App Purchases Available

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English

  • ESRB: T for teen,

  • File Size: ~98MB

  • Press Contact:

  • Social: Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube


​ZOMBIES!!  Wave after wave of the undead surround you as you fight for your life! Death is imminent, but make skillful use of a variety of weapons and power-ups to last as long as possible. Walkers start out slow and harmless, but after just a few waves, you’ll be running for your life! Each game mode has its own arcade-like and simple feel, but don’t let that fool you - competitive gamers will be fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard - it may become very addicting!


Continuous play is rewarded - over time, your character grows in power. Upgrade and then take out zombies faster while lasting longer. Blasting your way up the leaderboard is a progressive battle, so keep at it!

Overloaded Mode!!
Starting in the middle of an inescapable room, you take on endless waves of zombies. With the help of random weapon spawns, you must slaughter them by the hundreds. Every five waves, you face that map’s boss - these grow stronger each time. As you progress through waves and bosses, continued survival takes tremendous skill (and maybe a little luck).​

Pacifism Mode!!
No ammo, cornered, and all you can do is run! Use power-ups to stay alive longer, but that's all you've got - zombies come one by one until the wave is just too big for you to dodge any longer.


Warning: may induce feelings of helplessness.

Fact Sheet
  • Cartoon art direction gives the zombie apocalypse a more playful and arcade-like feel

  • Simple play style makes it easy to pick up, but difficult to master

  • Gritty and acidic soundtrack from Daniel Fernandez - DJ at many top Chicago clubs

  • Intense bosses that are more difficult to beat each time a new one is encountered

  • No content locked behind a paywall

  • Everything can be earned with skillful play and collecting

Becoming A Master

Each game type and map has a leaderboard. Share your scores on the global online leaderboards! Compare with friends, view recent scores and the best zombie crushers in the world!

Achievements give you the ability to track your accomplishments in-game. Some can be achieved easily - others you’ve gotta grind for! These can also be shared through the Apple Game Center.

Youtubers (Playlist)
Tutorial Video

Vinterm Games is a small indie development studio started in 2009 by Vincent Termini. Most of the development processes and artistic direction of the games are created by Vince, while the help of volunteers and contracted talents brings in music, sound effects, and testing at various stages. For such a small indie development studio, it accomplishes a lot through talents found within and discovered without.

Vinterm Games first released “Zombies Overloaded” and “Nutz” to the app store in 2010. Shortly after, Vince removed the games from the store because they were “unfinished ideas" - they would stay on the shelf for quite a few years. To test the market again, Vinterm Games released “Flappy Turtle” in the event that “Flappy Bird” was removed from the app store. With over 180,000 downloads of “Flappy Turtle”, that meant Vinterm Games was back in business! 

“Zombies Overloaded”, a smaller project, was then brought back because of its fun, yet simple arcade-like feel and engaging pick-up-and-play action. It started as a slow, plodding zombie shooter with a couple weapons - a few suggestions by beta testers and the help of friends followed, and it evolved into a faster, fun, frantic, boss-filled, action-packed zombie arcade shooter that many gamers will be engaged and challenged by!

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Download Link, Contains .png images for press use

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