Wave after wave of zombies surround you as you fight for your life!
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Zombies Overloaded

ZOMBIES!!  Wave after wave of the undead surround you as you fight for your life! Death is imminent, but make skillful use of a variety of weapons and power-ups to last as long as possible. Walkers start out slow and harmless, but after just a few waves, you’ll be running for your life!

Overloaded Mode!!
Starting in the middle of an inescapable room, you take on endless waves of zombies. With the help of random weapon spawns, you must slaughter them by the hundreds. Every five waves, you face that map’s boss - these grow stronger each time. As you progress through waves and bosses, continued survival takes tremendous skill (and maybe a little luck).

Pacifism Mode!!
No ammo, cornered, and all you can do is run! Use power-ups to stay alive longer, but that's all you've got - zombies come one by one until the wave is just too big for you to dodge any longer.

Warning: may induce feelings of helplessness.

Unlimited Zombie Waves

Boss Battles
Endless Weapon Drops
Power Ups

Upgrade Your Character

Online Leaderboards

Assault Riffle 
Space Gun

Exploding Cans


Achievements give you the ability to track your accomplishments in-game. Some can be achieved easily - others you’ve gotta grind for!

Each game type and map has a leaderboard. Compare with friends, view recent scores and the best zombie crushers in the world!​

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