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Meet the Team!
Game Design / Artwork

Vince Termini

Since childhood, Vince has worked on making cartoon characters, artwork, and small projects. He started developing games with Gamemaker in Jr. High as a hobby. A simple tool at the time, it has become a program with the power to release games on many platforms! Vinterm Games uses Gamemaker Studio for all of its games currently. 


​Vince started Vinterm Games in 2009 but shortly after  switched majors in college to nursing in 2010. Developing games is a part-time job, while working in the ICU as an RN is what he does full-time. Working on games has proven to be a major stress reliever! 

Experience: 12 Years Game Development | 13 Years Photoshop | Studied at Concordia University Chicago

Sound / Audio

Craig Gattuso

Self taught musician, "Craiiiiig" makes sure Vinterm Games has crisp clear sounds in its releases. Studied Audio Engineering at CRAS - Conservator and Recording Arts and Sciences audio engineering school. His primary involvement is in the current work-in-progress "Nutz Revenge." 


Stay tuned for Nutz Revenged and enjoy the music!

Experience: Musician 13 years | Studied at CRAS - Conservator and Recording Arts and Sciences

Vinterm Games

Vinterm Games is a small indie development studio started in 2009 by Vincent Termini. Most of the development processes and artistic direction of the games are created by Vince, while the help of volunteers and contracted talents brings in music, sound effects, and testing at various stages. For such a small indie development studio, it accomplishes a lot through talents found within and discovered without.

Vinterm Games first released “Zombies Overloaded” and “Nutz” to the app store in 2010. Shortly after, Vince removed the games from the store because they were “unfinished ideas" - they would stay on the shelf for quite a few years. To test the market again, Vinterm Games released “Flappy Turtle” in the event that “Flappy Bird” was removed from the app store. With over 180,000 downloads of “Flappy Turtle”, that meant Vinterm Games was back in business!

“Zombies Overloaded”, a smaller project, was then brought back because of its fun, yet simple arcade-like feel and engaging pick-up-and-play action. It started as a slow, plodding zombie shooter with a couple weapons - a few suggestions by beta testers and the help of friends followed, and it evolved into a faster, fun, frantic, boss-filled, action-packed zombie arcade shooter that many gamers will be engaged and challenged by!

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