Overloaded Mode!!
You have to take on endless waves of zombies with the random weapon that spawn for you. Surviving the later waves takes tremendous skill (and maybe a little luck)! Every 5 waves you must face off that maps boss, who gross stronger each time you face them.

Pacifism Mode!!
You have no ammo, you are cornered, all you can do is run! Use the power-ups to help yourself stay alive longer, but that's have you've got!! The zombies come one by one until the wave is just too big for you to dodge any longer.

Coming Soon!

Date TBA

Try and see if you can unlock all of the 21 achievements available. Earn points to you Google Play account and also earn some gold for upgrades!

Lets be honest, this is the point of the game. Get on the leaderboards! Achieve top 10 status or at the very least be better than your friends!​

Wave after wave of zombies surround you as you fight for your life! 

Unlimited Zombie Waves

Boss Battles
5 Weapons
3 Power Ups

Upgrade Your Character

Online Leaderboards

Zombies Overloaded

ZOMBIES!! Wave after wave of zombies surround you as you fight for your life! Death is imminent, but make use a variety of weapons and power-ups to last as long as possible. These walkers start out slow and harmless, but after just a few waves you will find yourself running for your life!

Assault Riffle 
Space Gun