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Nutz: Revenge

Tilt- and roll your way though levels, collecting shell pieces of those who didn't make it before you. Along the way, smash the squirrels who get in your way!! Work though collection based levels while competing against some challenging bosses along the way. Speed through this game's 70+ levels if you can, however it may take many tries to earn the stars to show you're worthy! 

Nutz: Revenge is being made with single player gamers in mind. It's fast paced with levels meant to be completed as fast as possible! There is no time limit to these levels, so you can practice and practice until you master them... but the longer you take the more points you lose! Think of this game as platform mixture of favorites such as Banjo-Kazooie, Rayman Legends, and Angry Birds. Short enough to be completed quickly, but maddening enough to master it may drive you crazy! 

Nutz: Revenge! Tilt, roll, tumble and smash through levels and collect as much

as you can before you've taken too long!